About us

  • Founder is a health conscious sport’s amateur, telecom engineer and CEO of GUICE. His curiosity about natural health practices and benefits has been nourished all over the year through inspiring experiences of individuals like Joe Cross and culminated in the creation of GUICE, an all-natural energy and immunity boosting drink.

  • He noticed that after sport and workout sessions, no energy drink could help him to restore his stamina level as fast as required. His relentless pursuits for a solution led him to research, study and experiment several components. He eventually came up with this uncommon formula based on natural ingredients that could not only curve the re-energizing timeframe but also manage weight, strengthen the immunity system, avoid vitamin deficiency and stabilize the blood count all together. His colleagues and relatives became quickly impressed and curious by the effects of the natural drink and immediately requested daily doses of the magical potion.

  • From his passion to be and stay healthy, stemmed this unyielding desire to making people more healthy and health conscious. For him and many other customers, more than a beverage, GUICE is a message, an answer to obesity, vitamin deficiency, anemia and all the stress related conditions that affect our immune system and leave us vulnerable. It is a Daily Dosage To A Drink-Good, Feel-Good, Look-Good Lifestyle that keeps on making converts and adepts; all this just from a simple dream of a healthy life and a health-for-all goal.